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Where are Hellwig products made?

Where are Hellwig products made?

the USA
Unlike many of its competitors, Hellwig’s products are proudly made in the USA to an exacting standard of quality and are sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

What do Hellwig sway bars do?

Sway bars, or more accurately anti-roll bars, are designed to resist a vehicle’s tendency to pitch from side to side during cornering, improving cornering ability and making for a more comfortable controlled ride.

Who makes sway bars?

H&R Sport Sway Bars are precision engineered—designed and manufactured to be strong, resilient, and durable. Adhering to the same manufacturing philosophy as H&R’s world-renowned springs, H&R Sport Sway Bar design and production receives significant attention to detail and commitment.

Is a sway bar worth it?

If you notice squeaking or knocking sounds during cornering, the bushings, and links likely need to be replaced. But, if you want to improve your car’s handling, stiffer sway bars do have tangible benefits. They reduce body roll and lean, making your car feel more agile and stable.

Where do Hellwig helper springs sit on a truck?

Hellwig Helper Springs are designed to sit on top of the leaf springs at the rear of your truck and work in conjunction with the stock spring pack to effectively increase the level load rating of your truck up to the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating.

When did Hellwig start making load control products?

Hellwig Products has been manufacturing high quality, innovative load control and sway control solutions for domestic and foreign trucks, RV’s, muscle cars, classic cars and fleet vehicles since 1946. No matter what your application is, Hellwig Products has a way to make it handle better or tow easier.

When does the warranty end on a Hellwig product?

The warranty for any Hellwig product is terminated immediately and automatically when (1) you transfer ownership of the product to someone else (2) it is used for a purpose not intended, whether with your consent or not (3) the product is installed on a second vehicle, regardless of when the second installation takes place.

How does the Hellwig air suspension system work?

Hellwig air suspension systems features a pair of high quality air bags that mount to your vehicle’s rear axle and can be connected to an optional on-board compressor with a controller and pressure gauge in the vehicle’s cab or an auto-leveling compressor that automatically adds the exact amount of air needed.