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When did the EMD SD40T-2 come out?

When did the EMD SD40T-2 come out?

An EMD SD40T-2. The EMD SD40T-2 is a type of high-powered, six-axle, 3,000hp diesel locomotive built specially for the Southern Pacific (including the SSW) and Rio Grande (DRGW) US Class 1 railroads from 1974 to 1980.

What’s the difference between the SD40 and SD40-2?

The SD40 has a length of 65 feet, 9 inches whereas the SD40-2’s 68 foot, 10 inch frame is clearly noticeable with protruding platforms on the front and rear of the locomotive (sometimes called “porches”). While the SD40 is considered very successful itself what made the SD40-2 the best selling locomotive…

When was the Union Pacific SD40T-2 built?

Just nine were built and purchased by the Burlington Northern and Union Pacific. The most successful variant was the SD40T-2 constructed between June, 1974 and July, 1980. Some 310 examples were sold to Denver & Rio Grande, Southern Pacific, and SP subsidiary Cotton Belt for use in high altitude mountainous tunnel service.

How big is a Southern Pacific SD40T-2 fuel tank?

Southern Pacific’s version has a 4,400-US-gallon (16,700 L; 3,660 imp gal) fuel tank and is 70 feet 8 inches (21.54 m) long. Rio Grande’s version has a smaller 4,000-US-gallon (15,100 l; 3,330 imp gal) fuel tank. After merging with Rio Grande, the Southern Pacific and later Union Pacific owned every remaining SD40T-2.

How many horsepower does an EMD SD40E3 have?

The SD40E3 (exactly the same as an SD33ECO) is an EMD rebuild in which the locomotive is re-powered with an EMD 12-710 prime mover. The locomotive is rated at 3,300 horsepower (2,500 kW) and meets EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations.

Where is the Union Pacific EMD SD40T-2 preserved?

Model EMD SD40T-2. To Union Pacific, retired. 5371 Preserved at the Utah State Railway Museum at Ogden Utah. 5401 (UP 9871) is preserved at the Colorado Railroad museum. Units became WC 6000-6006 after the Wisconsin Central took over the Algoma Central.

How tall was the Southern Railway SD40-2?

NS #3204, a former Southern Railway SD40-2 with a high nose. As the SD38, SD39, SD40, and SD45 shared a common frame, so too did the SD38-2, SD40-2, and SD45-2. It was 3 ft (0.91 m) longer than the previous models, giving a length of 68 ft 10 in (20.98 m) over the coupler pulling faces.