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What year was INXS Kick tour?

What year was INXS Kick tour?

In September 1988, INXS headlined an MTV-sponsored gig during its Calling All Nations tour that was the epitome of diversity: It featured the Smithereens; Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers; Iggy Pop; and perhaps, most surprisingly, Guns N’ Roses, who were the openers.

When did INXS tour Melbourne?

November 2, 1988
INXS Concert Setlist at National Tennis Centre at Flinders Park, Melbourne on November 2, 1988 |

When did INXS play in Perth?

INXS has 1137 concerts

Date Concert Location
Dec 20, 2018 INXS / KICK: The INXS Experience Detroit, Michigan, United States
Oct 14, 2018 Inxs Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Mar 24, 2018 INXS Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Jul 30, 2015 Record Club / INXS Perth, Western Australia, Australia

When did INXS tour Australia?

The tour ended in acrimony with two managers, Chris Murphy (for INXS) and Jeremy Fabinyi (for Mental As Anything), arguing backstage in Sydney and coming to blows….

Australian Made
Genre Rock, new wave, pub rock
Dates 26 December 1986 – 26 January 1987

Where did INXS do their first concert in 1979?

July 18, 1979 Barrenjoey High School, Sydney, AUS July 19, 1979 Metropol Tavern, Sydney, AUS July 21, 1979 Manly Vale Hotel, Sydney, AUS July 25, 1979 Avalon RSL, Sydney, AUS July 25, 1979 Castle Hill RSL, Sydney, AUS July 26, 1979 Sylvania Hotel, Sydney, AUS July 27, 1979 Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, AUS July 28, 1979 Bryants, Sydney, AUS

Is there going to be a movie about INXS?

The story of INXS, their personal lives and their rise to fame from Australian pubs to stadiums all around the world. Here are the movies we’re most excited for in 2021. Our editors have rounded up their most anticipated horror movies of the year.

When did the band INXS come to Australia?

INXS’s Concert History. INXS (a phonetic play on “in excess”) were an Australian rock band, formed as The Farriss Brothers in 1977 in Sydney, New South Wales. They began playing covers in Western Australian pubs and clubs, occasionally playing some of their original music.

Where was INXS house party held in 1979?

1977 August 8, 1977 Whale Beach, Sydney, AUS (House Party) 1979 June 10, 1979 Alley Cat Wine Bar, Sydney, AUS July 4, 1979 Avalon RSL, Sydney, AUS July 5, 1979 Metropol Tavern, Sydney, AUS July 7, 1979 Manly Vale Hotel, Sydney, AUS July 11, 1979 Avalon RSL, Sydney, AUS July 12, 1979 Metropol Tavern, Sydney, AUS