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What tattoo represents best friend?

What tattoo represents best friend?

Heart Tattoos One of the most popular tattoo designs of all time is the heart. It’s a universal symbol of love and affection – but it’s not just for couples. These tattoos show that your best friend is close to your heart. It’s also a versatile design because you can customize it to match your style.

Why do best friends get matching tattoos?

Whatever leads up to the moment that you get a tattoo, having someone by your side can make the experience all the more meaningful. That’s why so many people find the idea of matching tattoos, whether they’re shared among just two people or a whole group of friends, so attractive.

What does a best friend tattoo symbolize?

Friendship or best friend tattoos will symbolize your unbreakable bond with each other. However, you have to thoroughly consider a lot of things before you get one. Are you sure she/he will not betray you?

What kind of tattoos are called Friendship hands?

Often referred to as “friendship hands”, this design has been adopted by a number of styles although the tattoo originated in the American traditional school. A slightly different variation of this is the pinky swear or pinky promise tattoo, which is just a simple linked pinky as part of the hand tattoo design.

Which is the best symbol for a tattoo?

The Celtic tradition—known for its intricate knot work designs that have become popular inspiration for tattoos—has its own symbol for friendship. Known as the Claddagh ring, this Irish symbol is comprised of two hands holding a heart upon which a crown rests and it represents friendship, love and loyalty.

Where to get inspiration for a best friend tattoo?

Cartoon Cute Best Friend Tattoos One of the best places to draw inspiration for a matching friendship tattoo is from shared experiences. For many people the cartoons they grew up watching provide the perfect subjects for cute best friend ink.