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What song do they play during Script Ohio?

What song do they play during Script Ohio?

Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse
Since 1936, the Ohio State University Marching Band has performed Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse as part of its pregame show during the script Ohio formation. It is also a staple of the repertoire of the West Point Band, where it is known by the name French National Defile.

Who performed the first Script Ohio?

OSU Marching Band performing Script Ohio in 1998. Ted Boehm, OSU Marching Band member in 1935 and 1936, and considered an “authority” on Script Ohio, wrote that indeed, Michigan had performed the first Ohio in script.

What is Script Ohio ‘? At the end of Script Ohio a sousaphone player or other honored person is allowed to do what?

The signature formation of the Ohio State Marching Band performed before, during halftime or after home games is Script Ohio. Each time the formation drill is performed, a different fourth- or fifth-year sousaphone player has the privilege of standing as the dot in the “i” of “Ohio.”

Why is the Ohio State marching band called the script?

“The marching band, of course, is a huge part of Ohio State’s tradition. But we call the ‘Script Ohio’ the signature of college football. We’re very proud of our place in that tradition, and very proud of the ‘Script Ohio’ but it’s just one more tradition that makes college football across the country great.”

When did Ohio State perform the first Script Ohio?

Remarkably, the very first “Script Ohio” was performed first by its biggest rivals. In 1932, the University of Michigan performed the first ever “Script Ohio,” according to Ohio State University library archives. Courtesy of The Ohio State University library archives

What was the Michigan band formation at Ohio?

According to the student newspaper, The Michigan Daily: “Probably the most effective single formation was the word ‘OHIO’ spelled out in script diagonally across the field in the double-deck Ohio stadium to the accompaniment of the O.S.U. marching song, ‘Fight the Team.’ Other Michigan band formations were ‘MICH,’ a block ‘O,’ and a block ‘M.’”

Who is the ” i ” dotter for Script Ohio?

The “i” dotter, for a full “Script Ohio” can only be a fourth-year sousaphone player, which Hoch said is a major honor. Steffens graduated two years ago and said to dot the “i,” he had to perform for two additional years with the band after graduation to fulfill the “i” dotter requirement.