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What shorts look best on thick thighs?

What shorts look best on thick thighs?

To reduce gapping at the waist, look for shorts with a high rise that, by design, taper in and bring your waistline up. Those with bigger thighs will also appreciate small tailoring details that make a big impact on the overall fit, like pleats and side slits: The accents naturally create extra room.

Do shorts look good on fat thighs?

when you have big thighs, wearing shorts that are SUPER tight aren’t going to be the most flattering option for you. Not only will you feel so much more comfortable wearing shorts that have some room in the thigh area (aka aren’t intending into your skin) but they will also be a whole lot more figure flattering.

How do girls with big thighs wear shorts?

An easy and trendy way to style shorts for thick thighs is by wearing a thin kimono or a light longline cardigan with them. Wear something with fringes and nets as a third piece. They do a pretty good job of skimming attention away from the thighs and making you look like a trendsetter.

What shorts make legs look thinner?

Low-to-midrise cuts will make your torso look longer and your legs shorter. Wear “skinny” or fitted-cut shorts if you have thin legs that you would like to look fuller. Likewise, if you legs are on the thick side, wider cuts will flatter them more.

What kind of shorts are good for thick thighs?

Finding a good pair of denim shorts for thick thighs has been such a struggle, I’ve been wearing the same pair of Free People denim shorts for like 9 years.

Can you wear denim shorts with Skinny Legs?

Alright y’all, let’s talk denim shorts. They’re even harder to shop for than jeans! Why is a great pair of denim shorts SO HARD TO FIND?!?! And if you have non- pencil skinny legs you’re just out of luck! So I’ve been on the hunt for good (and flattering) denim shorts for thick thighs.

Which is the best kind of denim shorts to wear?

Best Worn In Denim Shorts: Good American Good Curve High Waist Denim Shorts Good American denim is known for being super stretchy and soft. These light blue wash shorts were designed to fit a variety of body types and have a slightly distressed look to them.

Are there any leg holes in denim shorts?

Large Leg Holes – I don’t want any of the shorts touching me except at the waist. Especially not in the leg holes, because it makes your legs look much larger then they are. (Well, maybe not larger then they are, but larger than necessary. We’ve been through this, larger holes = smaller legs.)