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What secondment means?

What secondment means?

: the detachment of a person (such as a military officer) from his or her regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere.

What is another word for secondment?

What is another word for secondment?

attachment assignment
function brief
undertaking operation
errand exercise
office responsibility

What are the benefits of a secondment?


  • Learn new skills. One of the significant benefits of taking part in a secondment is the range of new skills you will learn.
  • Gain a new perspective.
  • Make new connections.
  • A low risk opportunity.
  • A valuable addition to your CV.
  • Job satisfaction.

What is secondment assignment?

Secondment. An expatriate remains an employee of the home country employer entity but is assigned to render services to a host country entity, usually the employer’s affiliate or business partner. Then, the host country would reconcile the amount paid each payroll period with the home country employer.

What is a secondment and how does it work?

Whereas, a secondment is a temporary arrangement that does not affect the employment relationship between the employee and the employer. Secondment presents the opportunity for the employee to learn new things at the new organisation or department.

What happens at the end of a secondment period?

In particular incidents, termination of the secondment may also be followed by a termination of employment with the employer. For instance, where the employee commits misconduct during the secondment period, the secondment will be ended, and the employee will also be fired for the misconduct, and these two can happen at the same time.

What is the value of a secondment in an organisation?

Secondments offer you the opportunity to develop your employees experience, skills and perspectives in ways that you might not be able to offer within your own organisation or department and this is where their real value lies.

What does secondment mean in a partnership agreement?

Secondment means each assignment of any Seconded Employees to a Secondment Recipient in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Secondment means each assignment of any Seconded Persons to the Partnership Parties from Noble in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.