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What part of Kentucky is Black Stone Cherry from?

What part of Kentucky is Black Stone Cherry from?

Edmonton, Kentucky

Black Stone Cherry
Origin Edmonton, Kentucky, United States
Genres Hard rock heavy metal Southern rock alternative metal post-grunge
Years active 2001–present
Labels Roadrunner, Mascot

What happened to Black Stone Cherry bass player?

Black Stone Cherry will be down one familiar face when they return to the road as the band has announced that longtime bassist Jon Lawhon (pictured middle right) has decided to take “an indefinite sabbatical” from the group.

Who are the members of the band Black Stone Cherry?

Jon Lawhon
Chris RobertsonJohn Fred YoungAcoustic Drum KitBen Wells
Black Stone Cherry/Members
Black Stone Cherry came together in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, eventually coalescing around the lineup of Chris Robertson, vocals and guitar; Ben Wells, guitar and vocals; Jon Lawhon, bass and vocals; and John Fred Young, drums.

What kind of Cherry is Black Stone Cherry?

not present 1 Ringin’ In My Head Black Stone Cherry 4:12 23 James Brown Black Stone Cherry 3:58 24 You Got The Blues Black Stone Cherry 4:09 25 I Need A Woman Black Stone Cherry 3:19 26 Get Me Over You Black Stone Cherry 4:32

When did Kentucky by Black Stone Cherry come out?

The album, entitled Kentucky, was released on April 1, 2016 and became their second consecutive #1 album on the Billboard Hard Rock albums chart. The album’s artwork and track list were revealed, and a new single called “The Way Of The Future” was released.

Who is the lead singer of Black Stone Cherry?

John Fred Young. Black Stone Cherry is an American hard rock band, formed in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, United States. They were signed to Roadrunner Records until 2015; the band is now signed to Mascot Label Group.

When did Black Stone Cherry release family tree?

Black Stone Cherry has released six studio albums as well as three EPs, and have charted eight singles on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. Their latest album, Family Tree, was released on April 20, 2018 through Mascot Records.