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What is Zanussi Jetsystem?

What is Zanussi Jetsystem?

The Jetsystem adjusts water, energy consumption and cycle time to suit your laundry load. Because the Easy Iron option reduces creasing in your laundry, you can do your ironing quickly and easily. Its a simple, hassle-free way to look good. Get your favourite clothes cleaned fast.

How do you reset a Zanussi Jetsystem washing machine?

Press and hold the start button and the reset/skip button. Keep them held in and turn the washer on. Wait a few seconds and see if the leds start to scroll down then let go of the buttons. Then turn the washer off and on then back off again.

Are Zanussi and whirlpool the same company?

Zanussi washing machines are the siblings of AEG machines, and both brands are owned by Electrolux.

How long is Zanussi guarantee?

12 months
The term “warranty” includes the 12 months statutory legal warranty that is provided with all appliances. We provide an extended 2 year warranty (inclusive of the 12 month legal warranty) on a selection of Zanussi appliances .

How does the Jetsystem work on a Zanussi washing machine?

In 1985, Zanussi introduced the Jetsystem on their range of washing machines, which uses a circulation pump to pump the water in the drum onto the clothes via a jet hole in the door seal. This helps save water as the clothes are soaked with soapy water quicker. This can still be found on current Zanussi washing machines.

Which is the best Zanussi cooker to buy?

Alert: COVID-19 is having an impact across our business, including on the number of people available to help you, please bear with us. Updates are ongoing. Stay informed here. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and the cooker is the heart of your kitchen… Explore our range and find the perfect Zanussi cooker for you.

Where can I find the manual for my Zanussi?

Stay informed here. Find the manual for your Zanussi appliance here. Please use our Troubleshooter if you are experiencing a problem with your appliance. In our webshop you can find spare parts and accessories for your appliance. The model number and product number (PNC) are on your appliance serial plate sticker. 1. Model number 2.

Who is the owner of Zanussi home appliances?

Zanussi ( Italian: [ˈ]) is an Italian producer of home appliances that was bought by Electrolux in 1984. Zanussi has been exporting products from Italy since 1946. The Zanussi Company began as the small workshop of Antonio Zanussi in 1916.