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What is your analysis of the story The Lottery?

What is your analysis of the story The Lottery?

The titular lottery in the short story represents blind adherence to tradition. The townspeople do not know when or why it started, but they continue to practice it out of fear. For them, the lottery is a cornerstone of their society. To give it up would irrevocably change their culture.

What is Shirley Jackson’s message in The Lottery?

The primary message of Shirley Jackson’s celebrated short story “The Lottery” concerns the dangers of blindly following traditions. In the story, the entire community gathers in the town square to participate in the annual lottery.

What is the main argument of The Lottery?

In the short story The Lottery, Shirley Jackson argues that all people, regardless of how civilized they may seem, are capable of great evil by contrasting seemingly pleasant and relatable details of the town with the shocking barbarity of their tradition.

What is a good conclusion for The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?

The infamous conclusion of The Lottery, in which the “winner” of the titular lottery is stoned to death as a sacrifice to nature and the harvest, comes as a shock to the reader, since there has been little-to-no information about the purpose of the lottery itself.

What is the plot summary of the lottery?

Plot summary. The story describes a mythical Babylon in which all activities are dictated by an all-encompassing lottery, a metaphor for the role of chance in one’s life. Initially, the lottery was run as a lottery would be, with tickets purchased and the winner receiving a monetary reward.

What is the summary of the lottery by Shirley Jackson?

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Summary. The lottery is the short story written by Shirley Jackson that takes place hundreds of years from now on 27 th June in the small town. The people of the town started their day as the typical day but at 10:00 am all of the residents of the town had to report to a town square. This process is led by Mr. Summer.

What literary devices are used in the lottery?

Shirley Jackson uses many literary elements throughout “The Lottery”, such as allegories, symbolism, foreshadowing, the narrator’s tone, and her writing style, which are all used to covey a specific meaning.

What is the theme of the lottery?

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson: Themes Violence and Cruelty. Violence is a major theme in “The Lottery.” While the stoning is a cruel and brutal act, Jackson enhances its emotional impact by setting the story in Custom and Tradition. Victim and Victimization. Sex Roles.