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What is there to do in South Miami today?

What is there to do in South Miami today?

Below are 15 things to do in and around South Miami.

  1. Dante Fascell Park. Source: Victor Manuel Labrada / Facebook Dante Fascell Park.
  2. The Boiling Crab.
  3. Dadeland Mall.
  4. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
  5. Deering Estate.
  6. Books & Books.
  7. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.
  8. Lowe Art Museum.

Is it a good idea to go to Miami right now?

Yes, it’s safe to visit Miami right now. Violent crime in Miami is one of the HIGHEST in the US. So there are many neighborhoods, even today, that you shouldn’t be walking around. Especially not at night.

What are the best things to do in Miami?

One of the most popular things to do in Miami FL for visitors is hang out at the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, where miles of beaches and walking trails allow for relaxing strolls, bike rides and hours of people watching. Find a mix of cafes and bars, and dine at one of the boardwalk’s restaurants.

What to do in Miami during the day?

Outdoor Activities. Many of Miami’s beaches and parks are accessible only during the day, and state parks typically close at sunset. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park , on the southern end of Key Biscayne , features the Cape Florida lighthouse , where visitors can get a free tour during the late morning and early afternoon.

What to do in Miami for Labor Day?

Labor Day in Miami FL is not just the end of summer but a chance to have a holiday from work or school and kick off the NFL & college football seasons. Some things to do on Labor Day 2020 Miami include camping, fishing and golfing.

What to do in Downtown Miami?

From world-class museums to state-of-the-art theaters, shopping, restaurants and an incredible arena, downtown Miami has it all. Spend the day perusing art, standing under a four-story shark tank, strolling Bayside shops, relaxing on a bay cruise, enjoying a Broadway show or cheering on the Miami Heat.