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What is the wealth distribution in France?

What is the wealth distribution in France?

The top 10% richest French own 55% of total wealth, while the middle 40% owns 38%.

What is the distribution of income in China?

This statistic shows the inequality of income distribution in China from 2004 to 2019 based on the Gini Index. In 2019, China reached a score of 46.5 (0.465) points. The Gini Index is a statistical measure that is used to represent unequal distributions, e.g. income distribution.

What is the main source of income in France?

Tourism is France’s main source of income because it is considered as the most visited country globally. It receives an average of 79 million tourists…

Which country has the most unequal distribution of income?

South Africa
South Africa is the most unequal country of the region: in 2019, the income share of top 10% households is estimated at 65%.

What is the average per capita income in China?

The figure shows that China’s average real per capita income is $12,472.51, which is in line with the world median income but far below the world average. Income across Chinese Regions To gauge the income distribution in China across regions, we next looked at real per capita household disposable income for 2015 by provinces.

How is the distribution of wealth in China?

However, relatively little is known about how the distribution of income and wealth within China has changed over this critical period. That is, we do not have consistent estimates of the extent to which the different income and wealth groups have benefited (or not) from the enormous macroeconomic growth.

Are there any income inequality Statistics in China?

By combining recently released tax statistics on high-income individuals with household surveys and national account data, we can provide new estimates of income inequality. To our knowledge, this represents the first attempt to use tax data on high earners to correct inequality statistics in China.

Who are the poorest people in China by income?

If anything, people living in the highest income regions could be the poorest in terms of living standards because of high costs of living in big cities. Although quite interesting, these data nonetheless do not reveal the inequalities across households within each province in China and across the nation. 1 Bullard, James.