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What is the purpose of a gear motor?

What is the purpose of a gear motor?

Their main purpose is to allow the reduction from an initial high speed to a lower one without negatively affecting the mechanism. In addition to this adjustment, a gear motor is in charge of adjusting the mechanical power of a system.

What is the difference between DC motor and gear motor?

1 Answer. A DC motor is not the same as a “gear motor” – a “gear motor” may be an AC or DC motor coupled with a gearbox or transmission. A gear motor adds mechanical gears to alter the speed/torque of the motor for an application. Usually such an addition is to reduce speed and increase torque.

What is the price of gear motor?

Questions & Answers on Geared Motors

Phase Min Price Max Price
Single Phase Rs 1450/Piece Rs 20000/Piece
Three Phase Rs 1000/Piece Rs 26000/Piece

What are the main advantages of gear motors?

10 Advantages of Geared Motors

  • High Torque Output.
  • Speed Reduction.
  • High Resolution.
  • Drive Large Inertial Loads.
  • Shorter Positioning Time.
  • Downsize.
  • Improved Damping Characteristics.
  • Increased Axial and Radial Load.

What is electric gear motor?

A gear motor is a device which allows low-horsepower motors to drive a great deal of force on an object with low speed. It consists of a reduction gear train and an electric motor, which both come fully integrated into an easily mountable and configurable system.

What is a 12V DC motor?

Brief Overview of a 12v DC Motor. A DC motor is any motor within a class of electrical machines whereby direct current electrical power is converted into mechanical power. Most often, this type of motor relies on forces that magnetic fields produce. Regardless of the type, DC motors have some kind of internal mechanism,…

What are DC gear motors?

DC Gear Motor (also known as DC Geared Motor or Speed Reduction Motor) is the combination of DC motor and gearbox. It adopts direct current power. It adopts direct current power. In most cases, the addition of a gearbox is intended to limit the speed of the motor’s shaft, and increase the motor’s ability to output torque.

What is a reduction gearbox?

A reduction gearboxes, or speed reducer, is used to reduce the speed of the input, from the motor, while also multiplying the torque the input creates. What is a Reduction Gearbox?