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What is the maximum file size that I can store on S3?

What is the maximum file size that I can store on S3?

5 terabytes
The total volume of data and number of objects you can store are unlimited. Individual Amazon S3 objects can range in size from a minimum of 0 bytes to a maximum of 5 terabytes. The largest object that can be uploaded in a single PUT is 5 gigabytes.

Is there a limit to iTunes library?

There is no published limit on the size of an iTunes library, but you may well have maxed out something in an undocumented way.

How do I find my AWS S3 bucket limit?

By default, you can create up to 100 buckets in each of your AWS accounts. If you need additional buckets, you can increase your account bucket limit to a maximum of 1,000 buckets by submitting a service limit increase.

Is S3 storage backed up?

Unlike EBS-backed data volumes, which are stored in one place and can fail completely, S3 is already “backing up your data.” Data in S3 is stored in three or more Availability Zones, which means even in the event one of them burns down, you still have two more backups.

How much storage does Amazon S3 give you?

This gives you 5GB of S3 storage in the Standard Storage class, 2,000 PUT requests, 20,000 GET requests, and 15 GB of data transfer out of your storage “bucket” each month free for one year. If you exceed the limits of the free tier, or when the offer expires, you pay the standard Amazon S3 cost for what you use.

How big of an object can be uploaded to Amazon S3?

The largest object that can be uploaded in a single PUT is 5 gigabytes. For objects larger than 100 megabytes, customers should consider using the Multipart Upload capability. Q: What storage classes does Amazon S3 offer? Amazon S3 offers a range of storage classes designed for different use cases.

How does Amazon S3 one Zone Ia storage work?

The Amazon S3 One Zone-IA storage class stores data in a single AZ, and is ideal for customers who want a lower cost option for infrequently accessed data and do not require the availability and resilience of S3 Standard storage. Amazon S3 can also automatically replicate data to any other AWS Region.

How much does Amazon S3 cost per request?

Using Amazon S3 cost in the US East (Ohio) Region as an example, PUT, COPY and POST requests cost $0.005 per 1,000 requests in the S3 Standard Storage class, and double the amount in the two Infrequent Storage classes. There are also costs associated with retrieving data from the Infrequent Access and Glacier Classes (per GB retrieved).