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What is the hardest dialect in Chinese?

What is the hardest dialect in Chinese?

The full list:

  • Wenzhou dialect.
  • Cantonese.
  • Suzhou and Minnan dialects.
  • Shanghainese.
  • Shaanxi dialect.
  • Changsha dialect.
  • Sichuan dialect.
  • Shandong dialect.

What is the rarest dialect in China?

Due to its long history and the isolation of the region in which it is spoken, Wenzhounese is so unusual in its phonology that it has the reputation of being the least comprehensible dialect for an average Mandarin speaker.

What dialect is spoken in Beijing?

The Beijing dialect (simplified Chinese: 北京话; traditional Chinese: 北京話; pinyin: Běijīnghuà), also known as Pekingese, is the prestige dialect of Mandarin spoken in the urban area of Beijing, China.

What is the Romanisation of the Wenzhou dialect?

Romanisation of the Wenzhou dialect of Wu Chinese, part of the greater Ōu ( simplified Chinese: 瓯; traditional Chinese: 甌) grouping of Wu dialects centred on the city, refers to the use of the Latin alphabet to represent the sounds of the dialect group.

Where can I find Wenzhounese in the world?

Overseas, it is spoken in increasingly larger communities in the Flushing Chinatown and the Chinatowns in Brooklyn in New York City in the United States. Wenzhounese is also spoken by some Overseas Chinese communities in Europe, in particular Italy, France, and Spain.

Is it possible to learn the Wenzhounese language?

So there you have it — a famously difficult language, which is also closely related to languages I already know well. Wenzhounese absolutely fits the description of a language I would want to learn at least a little bit of— a lot like Surinamese Creole, really. On the other hand, there are almost no materials to learn the language with.

What’s the difference between Wencheng and Wenzhou proper?

The most important difference between eastern Wenzhounese dialects such as Wencheng and Wenzhou proper are tonal differences (Wencheng has no falling tones) and the retention of /f/ before /o/ : The tones of all other Oujiang dialects are similar to Wenzhounese. (Wenzhounese puu transcribes the lengthened entering tone .)