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What is the function of umbo?

What is the function of umbo?

Mussel Glossary

adductor muscles (noun) a pair of muscles that close the two valves of a mussel shell. Each muscle extends from the left valve to the right valve, one in the anterior part of the shell and the other in the posterior part.
umbo (noun) the raised portion of the dorsal margin of a shell, also called the beak.

What is a umbo in biology?

1 : the boss of a shield. 2 : a rounded elevation: such as. a : an inward projection of the tympanic membrane of the ear. b : one of the lateral prominences just above the hinge of a bivalve shell.

What is the function of the umbo in a bivalve?

A bivalve uses its muscular foot either to attach itself to a substrate or to burrow. Scallops propel themselves through the water by jet propulsion: rapid closing of the valves squirts water out of the mantle cavity, and the animal “swims” in the opposite direction.

Is the umbo the oldest part of the shell?

Locate the umbo, the bump at the anterior end of the valve. This is the oldest part of the clam shell.

Where is the umbo located on a mussel?

The umbo is situated above the hinge line. In those bivalves where the umbones do not protrude, as is the case for example in some mussels, the umbones can nonetheless usually be readily identified by examining the concentric growth lines of the shell.

What does umbo stand for in medical terms?

umbo – a slight rounded elevation where the malleus attaches to the eardrum eardrum, myringa, tympanic membrane, tympanum – the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound convex shape, convexity – a shape that curves or bulges outward

How is the umbo measured on a shell?

Scallop counts were standardized to individuals per square meter and the shell height (distance from the umbo to the front of the shell in mm) of each scallop with a complete, visible length was measured using Image Pro Plus software. Umbo from Kathore, along with their team established a one-day camp at Kathore.

What kind of mussel is a unio bivalve?

Unio is a genus of medium-sized freshwater mussels, aquatic bivalve mollusks in the family Unionidae, the river mussels. Unio is the type genus of the family Unionidae . Wikimedia Commons has media related to Unio.