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What is the difference between just and only?

What is the difference between just and only?

A good way to remember the difference is to use “only” for a special or single thing, and “just” for exact ideas and recent events.

Can we use just and only in one sentence?

‘Just’ and ‘only’ are adverbs that point to or emphasise one part of the clause. In the example you gave me, Edgar, the same meaning is implied in both sentences: I came just to speak with you for a couple of minutes. On the one hand, ‘just’ and ‘only’ can ‘float around’ in a sentence and take more than one position.

What’s the difference between the one and the only one?

The meaning of both “only one” and “one and only one” is the same. However, “one and only one” adds emphasis to the fact that there is only one, and draws attention to it.

How do you use only?

We use only as an adverb to mean that something is limited to some people, things, an amount or an activity:

  1. This phone is only available in Japan.
  2. Only a few hundred houses survived the hurricane without any damage.
  3. He’s only joking.

What is another word for ” only one “?

Synonyms for only one include sole, one, only, single, solitary, lone, singular, alone, exclusive and individual. Find more similar words at!

What’s the difference between ” just ” and ” only “?

“Only” and “just” are interchangeable with definition 2 of “just,” but not with definition 1. Definition 2 – Same meaning. We have just one daughter. = We have only one daughter.

Is the word’only’and’just’interchangeable?

Many of us confuse the words only and just which is not really surprising especially since in some situations they are interchangeable as they can have the same use. Here are the main uses of both words. ‘Only’ has many different uses which makes it a very busy word. It can be an adjective, and adverb and a conjunction.

When to use’only’instead of’but’?

‘Only’ can also be used as a conjunction it can be used instead of ‘but’. We both live in the same city only I live closer to the sea. He’s got a great sense of humour only he drinks too much. He has just arrived. I’ve just spoken to Harry about the proposals. (in this case ‘just’ cannot be replaced by ‘only’.