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What is the difference between iCandy Peach and peach blossom?

What is the difference between iCandy Peach and peach blossom?

but the single Peach is in essence the same pushchair. The reason the Peach pushchairs are numbered is because of the Blossom kits. The first Blossom kit (1) has a much smaller rear seat, shorter convertor bars, and no upright seating position. The elevators come in the box with the single Peach pushchair.

What is the iCandy Peach Blossom?

The iCandy Peach Blossom is a versatile pram, it is very sturdy and manoeuverable for its size especially in the double pram set up. Overall it is a very safe and easy to use double buggy that looks great while being comfortable for the kids at the same time.

What is the newest iCandy pushchair?

iCandy Peach
Prepare yourself – the iCandy Peach, the brand’s flagship convertible single-to-double pushchair has had an exciting new makeover for 2019. We’ve been lucky enough to get hands-on with the iCandy Peach 2019 in advance of its launch.

What age is the iCandy Peach suitable for?

The iCandy Peach Chrome pushchair is suitable from birth right through to toddler age, and comes with an exclusive 3 year warranty.

Is the iCandy double blossom pushchair still available?

This is the review of the 2017 version double iCandy Peach, if you’re after a review of the 2018 Peach, we have it here. You can still buy the 2017 iCandy Peach from iCandy. This buggy is sold around its flexibility to convert into a double, how does the Blossom converter work?

What is the iCandy Peach Blossom twin travel system?

The iCandy Peach Blossom Twin is a unique solution to the problem of transporting two tiny people. It’s a pricey but well designed travel system with a few minor niggles and a lot of bling. iCandy is a UK-based family company with three generations of experience in the pushchair market.

How big does an iCandy Peach pushchair get?

The iCandy Peach 3 can be used for children up to 15kg, or about. I think my three-year-old was probably at the upper end of the scale in terms of the length of the seat, as he did look a little squashed in, but he said it was very comfortable nonetheless.

How does the iCandy Peach double blossom feel?

The iCandy Blossom has also won the gold award for best double buggy in the MadeForMums awards 2017. So how is it when out and about? The ride is very smooth, and the buggy generally feels light and manoeuvrable when on surfaces like pavements, roads and in shops.