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What is sash chain used for?

What is sash chain used for?

Sash chain is a stamped, formed chain slightly stronger than Jack chain. It is used for operating heater controls on ducts and dampers, as well as window sashes in double hung windows.

How much sash chain do I need?

Estimating Length For double-hung windows, the approximate total required amount of chain can be calculated by the following formula: (1/2 the sash opening height + 2 feet) x 4.

How to size sash chain?

Take one end of your sash cord and place it at the top of the pulley on the jamb you are wanting to re-rope. Holding that in place, run the rope down to the window sill. Mark that length with your finger and cut the rope right there. And that is how to measure sash cord!

How strong is sash chain?

Material: Sash chain is available in plated steel, bronze, and, to a limited extent, brass. A bronze or brass chain will outlast a plated steel chain, as it will not rust. Load Rating: A sash weighing 30 lbs. will place a static load of 15 lbs. on each of the two sash chains that suspend it.

Which is the best sash chain to use?

Sash chain is good for light duty applications, such as small doors, vents, and skylights. Steel pull cords with a zinc-plated finish have some corrosion resistance. Stainless steel pull cords have excellent corrosion resistance, making them the best choice for harsh environments. They also have good chemical resistance.

What kind of chain do you use to hang window sashes?

Sash Chain— Not for Lifting Also known as sash cord, this thin chain is used over pulleys and for hanging double-hung window sashes. The flat links fold back on themselves for maximum flexibility. Zinc-plated steel chain has good corrosion resistance.

What kind of lanyards do you use on McMaster sash chain?

The chain has flat links that fold back on themselves for maximum flexibility. Use the split ring on one end to hold tags and keys. Zinc-plated steel lanyards are mildly corrosion resistant. 18-8 stainless steel lanyards are more corrosion resistant than zinc-plated steel lanyards.

What kind of chain is best for corrosion?

Zinc-plated steel chain has good corrosion resistance. Copper- and nickel-plated steel, brass, and bronze chain have excellent corrosion resistance. 302/304 and 430 stainless steel chain are the most corrosion resistant. For a comparison of chain sizes, view our sizing guide. Thick. Wd. Lg.