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What is Parcel Return Service 56901?

What is Parcel Return Service 56901?

What is Parcel Return Service? Parcel Return Service (PRS) allows consumers to return merchandise to merchants without paying postage. This service is somewhat similar to Merchandise Return Service in that it allows consumers to return parcels to merchants at the merchant’s expense.

What is NDC USPS Parcel Return Service?

PRS allows consumers to return merchandise to merchants without paying postage. Consumers may drop off parcels at any Postal ServiceTM facility, hand them to a letter carrier, or place them in a collection box or any location designated by the Postal Service for the receipt of mail.

Can I put a USPS Parcel Return in my mailbox?

Turn Returns into Your Advantage Your customers can return flat and lightweight packages through the postal channel of their choice (personal mailbox, USPS collection box, and the local post office). Or, customers can arrange for a free scheduled pickup from the USPS for larger items, up to 70 pounds.

What is a Smartlabel return?

A Smart Label is a quick and easy sticky label. It allows you to return your package/s via the U.S. Mail from a location most convenient to you, e.g. at home, work or your local Post Office. No postage has to be paid at the time of making the return, as we’ll deduct a standard $7 charge from your refund.

What is SmartPOST returns?

FedEx SmartPost Returns is a solution that offers consumers the 160 million-plus access points of the United States Postal Service ® and gives you inbound visibility throughout the returns process. By utilizing the USPS ® access points for returns, FedEx SmartPost ® makes returns as easy as possible so you can increase repeat customers.

How do you track a package from the US Postal Service?

To track your USPS package, all you need is the package tracking number, which can be found on your USPS shipping label. Tracking your Shipment can be done by various sites including the official USPS Website. After sending your package through USPS, it can be tracked through a Tracking number.

What is first class package return service?

First class package service includes forward and return service at no additional cost. Mailers can add delivery confirmation, signature confirmation or insurance. Parcels must be sealed securely and have both the sender’s and addressee’s names and addresses clearly written.

How can I track LTL shipments?

How to Track LTL Shipments. You can track a shipment directly from the main page of Simply enter the shipment’s PRO number in the search bar. A PRO number is the nine-digit number used to identify a freight bill, affixed to shipments in the form of a scannable barcode sticker.