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What is neolocal society?

What is neolocal society?

Neolocal residence is a type of post-marital residence in which a newly married couple resides separately from both the husband’s natal household and the wife’s natal household. Neolocal residence and nuclear family domestic structures are found in societies where geographical mobility is important.

How important is neolocal in the modern marriage?

Neolocal residence rules form the basis of most Western domestic structures. Upon marriage, each partner is expected to move out of his or her parents’ household and establish a new residence, thus forming the core of an independent nuclear family.

What does neolocal mean in sociology?

: having a new location specifically : located apart from the families of either spouse a neolocal residence — compare avunculocal, matrilocal, patrilocal.

What is patrilocal rule of residence?

Patrilocal residence is structured by a rule that a man remains in his father’s house after reaching maturity and brings his wife to live with his family after marriage. Daughters, conversely, move out of their natal household when they marry.

Which is the best definition of a neolocality?

Neolocality Defined. In other words, if the newlywed couple chooses to live by themselves, away from both sets of parents, it is considered a neolocality. If they live with the bride’s family, the residence is considered a matrilocality, and if it is with the groom’s parents it is a patrilocality.

What does it mean to have a neolocal marriage?

A marriage that permits a neolocal residence is called a neolocal marriage. The residency requirement to live with or near the family of either spouse is called a unilocal rule. Also called neolocality. When spouses live in a new residence after marriage, they are living ( adjective) neolocal or ( adjective) neolocally.

When do two people move into a neolocal home?

Two people meet at university and get married, moving into a new home together, without any additional family members. Neolocal residences are typically created by nuclear families.