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What is AIA CEU?

What is AIA CEU?

AIA measures continuing education in learning units (LUs). One hour of continuing education earns one LU. AIA Architect members are required to complete 18 LUs each calendar year. You can earn continuing education credits by taking courses from registered AIA CES providers.

Where is the AIA convention in 2021?

Every year the Conference on Architecture travels to an iconic city for three immersive days of what’s new and now in architecture and design. In 2021, we will be heading to Philadelphia.

What are AIA standards?

AIA members are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. The AIA Code of Ethics guides members’ conduct in fulfilling those obligations. The Code applies to the professional activities of all AIA members, regardless of their membership category.

What are AIA codes?

Is the AIA Conference on architecture a digital event?

A’21 is a digital event this year! Our first-ever, all-digital AIA Conference on Architecture kicks off this June for a series of immersive, connected digital experiences. Here’s what you need to know.

When is the American Institute of Architects conference?

The AIA holds an annual conference in late spring / early summer that draws the largest gathering of architects in the world. The AIA attempts to meet the needs and interests of the nation’s architects and the public by raising public awareness of the value of architecture and the importance of good design.

How many levels of membership are there in the AIA?

There are five levels of membership in the AIA: Architect members (AIA) are licensed to practice architecture by a licensing authority in the United States.

What is the effective date of the AIA?

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