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What is a serializer in Kafka?

What is a serializer in Kafka?

Serialization is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes that are used for transmission. Kafka stores and transmits these bytes of arrays in its queue. Deserialization, as the name suggests, does the opposite of serialization, in which we convert bytes of arrays into the desired data type.

What is key serializer and value serializer in Kafka?

The key. serializer and value. serializer instruct how to turn the key and value objects the user provides with their ProducerRecord into bytes. You can use the included ByteArraySerializer or StringSerializer for simple string or byte types.

What is Serde in Kafka?

Every Kafka Streams application must provide Serdes (Serializer/Deserializer) for the data types of record keys and record values (e.g. java. lang. Operations that require such Serdes information include: stream() , table() , to() , repartition() , groupByKey() , groupBy() .

How do you serialize an object in Kafka?

Apache-Kafka — Stream Custom Serialized Objects In 6 Steps.

  1. Set up the environment for Kafka (Kafka server, Zookeeper) and Docker.
  2. Set up the programming environment.
  3. Create a Serializer class for serialize the custom object.
  4. Create a Deserializer class for Deserialize the custom object.

How to create custom serializer in Kafka?

Deserializing MyMessage in consumer side. You should create a deserializer class that implements org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.Deserializer deserialize () method do the work, receiving serialized value as bytes array and returning your object.

How is jsondeserializer used in Kafka deserialization?

Its instance will be serialized by JsonSerializer to byte array. Kafka finally stores this byte array into the given partition. During deserialization, JsonDeserializer is used to for receiving JSON from Kafka as byte array and return User object to application. 4. Kafka Producer

Which is the opposite of serialization in Apache Kafka?

Although, Apache Kafka stores as well as transmit these bytes of arrays in its queue. Whereas, the opposite of Serialization is Deserialization. Here we convert bytes of arrays into the data type we desire. However, make sure Kafka offers serializers and deserializers for only a few data types, such as 3.

How to deserialize a byte array in Kafka?

* Deserialize a byte array into a {@link} object. The configure method will be called with a map of key value pairs that can be used to pass configuration options to your class.