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What is a group 31 marine battery?

What is a group 31 marine battery?

Group 31 batteries are relatively large and powerful batteries, featuring 20h capacity in 75-125 Ah range, providing 750-1250 CCA, 150-250 minutes RC, etc. Group 31 batteries are very common in marine, automotive, off-the-grid and similar applications, making them one of the most popular battery groups.

What is the best group 31 marine battery?

Top 6 Best Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery Comparison

TOP PICK Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery 9.7
Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery – 100Ah 12V With Built-In BMS 9.5
VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery 12V 120AH For 50lb 9.1

How many amp hours are in a Group 31 AGM battery?

Some common battery size codes used are: (ratings are approximate)

U1 34 to 40 Amp hours 12 volts
Group 27 85-105 Amp hours 12 volts
Group 31 95-125 Amp hours 12 volts
4-D 180-215 Amp hours 12 volts
8-D 225-255 Amp hours 12 volts

How long will group 31 battery last?

Group 31 batteries dimensions, features, and recommendations It provides battery capacity up to 150-250 minutes and 750-1250 CCA.

What is group 31 battery size?

Sizing. The Group 31 designation pertains to size only and does not inherently convey any information on the power of the battery itself, although the size can dictate power generation. Group 31 batteries measure 13 inches long, 6 13/18 inch in width and 9 7/16 inch in height.

What is a group 31 Marine Battery?

The Group 31 Marine Battery will measure almost 13″ long x 6.75″ wide x around 9.25″ tall. Some of these group 31 deep cycle batteries, such as LifeLine, will produce as much as 125 amp hour. The NorthStar dual purpose marine battery boasts 1370 marine cranking amps. The 31 series battery is a workhorse and meets the needs of serious anglers.

What is an AGM battery?

An AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is a sealed, non-spillable maintenance free, valve regulated battery.