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What happened HP TouchPad?

What happened HP TouchPad?

HP doomed the TouchPad to failure, either intentionally or through sheer incompetence. The HP TouchPad was a major product rollout subsequently cancelled by HP in just a few weeks. The excitement for the first tablet running HP/Palm’s webOS was so thick in the atmosphere it could be cut with an iPad.

How do I connect my keyboard to my HP TouchPad?


  1. Turn on the HP TouchPad Keyboard (Power button is a slider on the end of the battery compartment)
  2. If you have an HP TouchPad paired with the Keyboard, disable Bluetooth on the TouchPad.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on the device you want to pair (menu, settings, Wireless, put a check in the Bluetooth box)

How do I use HP trackpad?

Swipe your finger across the surface to move the cursor on the screen. Tap once to single-click and twice to double-click the cursor. To rotate an image or portion of the screen, place two fingers on the TouchPad and then rotate them.

Why is HP invested on TouchPad?

First, why did HP go to market with the TouchPad in the first place? Apparently they were trying to compete with Apple’s trend-setting, market-dominating iPad tablet, but consumers weren’t interested. HP tried to compete on price, cutting prices on the TouchPad by $100 each, but sales were still sluggish.

Which is the latest version of Android for the HP TouchPad?

Newer Android ports have been developed for the aging tablet, and now Android 9 Pie is the latest Android version to run on the device. An Android 9 Pie AOSP-based custom ROM for the HP TouchPad is now available on the XDA forums.

Is the HP TouchPad back from the dead?

The HP TouchPad is back from the dead thanks to an Android 9 Pie custom ROM The HP TouchPad is one of the most iconic tablets. It was initially released in 2011 with webOS, a mobile operating system that, in retrospect, was ahead of its time with features like gesture navigation.

What was the price of the HP TouchPad?

The tablet, which retailed at a starting price of $499, famously went on sale for as low as $99. Enthusiasts quickly swept up the remaining stock of the TouchPad, and developers began work on porting Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the device.