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What happened Hidetoshi Nakata?

What happened Hidetoshi Nakata?

After the 2006 FIFA World Cup, on 3 July 2006, Nakata announced his retirement from professional football and the Japanese national team on his personal website “I decided half a year ago that I would retire from the world of professional football after the World Cup in Germany.” Nakata wrote, “I will never again …

How old is Nakata?

44 years (January 22, 1977)
Hidetoshi Nakata/Age
Hidetoshi Nakata was born on January 22, 1977 in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. He began playing football at an early age, before joining J League club Bellmare Hiratsuka in 1995 and earning his first senior national team appearance just two years later. 2.

What clubs did Nakata play?

Stats by club

Shonan Bellmare 104 8.639′
Parma Calcio 1913 92 6.385′
AC Perugia Calcio 55 4.795′
AS Roma 40 2.364′

Where is Nakata from?

Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan
Hidetoshi Nakata/Place of birth

What kind of football player is Hidetoshi Nakata?

Hidetoshi Nakata. Hidetoshi Nakata, Cavaliere OSSI (中田 英寿, Nakata Hidetoshi, born 22 January 1977) is a former Japanese football player who played as a midfielder.

When did Hidetoshi Nakata move from Perugia to Roma?

In January 2000, after one and a half seasons at Perugia, Nakata moved to Roma for 42 billion ITL (€21.691 million) helping the team win the scudetto. The highlight of Nakata’s career at Roma came on 6 May 2001 in the Serie A match against Juventus at Stadio Delle Alpi.

How old was Hidetoshi Nakata when he died?

Click here for videos and features (CNN) — By the age of just 29, Hidetoshi Nakata was recognized by many as the greatest footballer Japan had ever produced. So why the glum look?

When did Hidetoshi Nakata move to Bolton Wanderers?

In August 2005, Nakata moved to Premiership side Bolton Wanderers on loan. During his season at Bolton, which would be the last of his professional career, he scored once in the league, in a 2–0 win over West Bromwich Albion.