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What ethnicity is menounos?

What ethnicity is menounos?

Menounos was born in the Boston suburb of Medford, Massachusetts, to Greek immigrant parents Costas and Litsa Menounos, who came to the United States prior to her birth, and worked as janitors in a Boston nightclub.

Who is Maria Menounos husband?

Keven Undergarom. 2017
Maria Menounos/Husband

Is Maria Menounos Spanish?

Menounos was born on June 8, 1978, in Medford, Massachusetts. Her parents Litsa and Costas Menounos are Greek. She has a younger brother named Peter. Menounos speaks English, Greek, and Spanish.

How many carats is Maria Menounos ring?

Keven, who sealed the deal with a stunning 3-carat diamond, told us it was the first time he pulled off a surprise for Maria in all their years together. “I mean, Maria’s a reporter. I can’t get anything by Maria!” he said.

Did Maria Menounos have a brain tumor?

Menounos was diagnosed with a benign tumor, called hemangioma, in 2017. She shared in the YouTube video that she and her mother both recovered from surgeries together. “It’s been a crazy few years for us but mom has been a total miracle,” she continued.

Is Maria Menounos in One Tree Hill?

Maria Menounos, one of our favorite TV personalities, turned 38 yesterday. Her birthday prompted us to think back to her role as Jules (AKA Emily Chambers) on the teen drama One Tree Hill. Jules is really Emily Chambers, a girl on the run from an abusive relationship.

Why can’t Maria Menounos have children?

“We are still in progress, not pregnant yet!” she said in January. Since Menounos had a benign brain tumor removed in 2017, they had to consult doctors about pursuing a pregnancy. “We definitely want children,” said Undergaro at the time.

What is up with Maria Menounos laugh?

The source of the laugh is unclear, but rumors that it may have started with a dolphin run-in are actually true! Maria’s boyfriend of 16 years, Keven Undergaro, says that before Maria left to go big time in Hollywood, he told her the laugh was unique to her.

How did Maria Menounos lose weight?

Menounos lost the first 20 pounds in about five months all by herself. “I worked on everything I ate for a week – every single thing,” she explained. “I realized, ‘OK, my problem is carbs. ‘ So I started to cut back on my carbs and started replacing [them] with better food.

Did Jules really love Keith?

Season 2. “Jules” met Keith and the dealership when he was filling in for Dan. Little did she know that she was actually going to fall in love with Keith. Soon her and Keith are engaged and he bought a house for her.

Is Jules bad in One Tree Hill?

Viewers soon learn that Jules is not actually Jules at all! #Intrigue. Jules is really Emily Chambers, a girl on the run from an abusive relationship. With no money to pay for the medical bills that came about as a result of the abuse, Jules put an ad in the paper saying she’d do anything legal for money.

Can Maria Menounos get pregnant?

Menounos later clarified to PEOPLE that she and Undergaro, 53, weren’t quite expecting just yet. “We are still in progress, not pregnant yet!” she said in January. Menounos and Undergaro opened up to PEOPLE in 2018 about starting a family, sharing at the time that they were considering surrogacy.

Who is Maria Menounos and what is her profession?

Maria Menounos (/məˈnuːnoʊs/; born June 8, 1978) is an American actress, journalist, television host and occasional professional wrestler.

When did Maria Menounos leave Entertainment Tonight Show?

Entertainment Tonight hired Menounos as a correspondent in 2002, where she reported on movies, music, and fashion. She left the program in 2005 to focus on her acting career, though she would join rival program Access Hollywood that fall as a correspondent.

When did Maria Menounos play at Yankee Stadium?

On July 13, 2008, Menounos starred in the celebrity softball game at Yankee Stadium in New York. In November 2008, when Richard Belzer fell ill, she filled in as host for the North Shore Animal League ‘s Dogcatemy Celebrity Gala, which takes place at NYC’s Capitale.

How old was Maria Menounos when she made in the land of Merry Misfits?

At the age of 17, Menounos produced In the Land of Merry Misfits, an independent film fairy tale. The 35 mm feature film was produced by Menounos while attending Emerson College with director Keven Undergaro, then head writer for MTV ‘s Singled Out.