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What does use that term lightly mean?

What does use that term lightly mean?

“You are using that word loosely” means that you are not strictly following the definition of the word.

What is the meaning of minimally used?

in a way that is very small in amount: minimally affected/involved/successful.

Is it lightly or Litely?

adj. an informal, simplified spelling of light 2 , used esp. in labeling, naming, or advertising commercial products.

Do not do so lightly meaning?

To regard something with a great amount of seriousness or gravity. I hope you aren’t taking these allegations lightly—they could mean a life in prison!

How to use the word lightly in a sentence?

with little weight, force, intensity, etc.; gently: to press lightly on a door bell. to only a small amount or degree; slightly: lightly fried eggs. nimbly; quickly: to leap lightly aside. with a lack of concern; indifferently; slightly: to think lightly of one’s achievements.

What do you mean lightly by Merriam Webster?

— Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic, 4 June 2021 Brush both sides of the bread lightly with the remaining 1 tablespoon of oil. — Washington Post, 3 June 2021 Such a commitment will not be taken lightly nor quickly. — Wood Mackenzie, Forbes, 3 June 2021 What to bring: Large bags and backpacks aren’t allowed at the event, so Gail advises packing lightly.

What is the definition of the word light?

the light of the moon a mixture of light and shadow The windows let fresh air and light into the room. The lights suddenly went out. The lights suddenly came on. the twinkling lights of the city below the bright lights of Broadway The lights are on, so there must be somebody at home. “Light.”

What does slight mean in the English Dictionary?

Doctors say he has made a slight improvement…, We have a slight problem…, He’s not the slightest bit worried. 2 adj A slight person has a fairly thin and delicate looking body. She is smaller and slighter than Christie. …a slightly built man.