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What does it mean to hold ground?

What does it mean to hold ground?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English hold/stand your ground a) to stay where you are when someone threatens you, in order to show them that you are not afraid The men threatened him, but he stood his ground and they fled.

Does not hold any ground meaning?

to refuse to change your opinions, beliefs, or decisions despite pressure to change them. No one thought less of him for standing his ground. Synonyms and related words.

What’s a word for holding your ground?

What is another word for hold your ground?

hold fast not budge
be firm be resolute
make a stand be emphatic
hold out stand pat
dig your heels in stand firm

What do you mean by holding ground of the anchor?

Holding ground is the area of sea floor which holds an anchor, and thus the attached ship or boat. Different types of anchor are designed to hold in different types of holding ground.

What does it mean to hold one’s ground?

hold (one’s) ground 1. To brace oneself and maintain one’s position during or when anticipating an attack. The other team’s offense was incredibly aggressive, but our defense held their ground.

What does Stand my Ground mean in English?

Also, hold one’s ground; stand fast. Be firm or unyielding, as in You’ve got to respect him for standing his ground when all the others disagree, or I’m going to hold my ground on this issue, or No matter how he votes, I’m standing fast.

Which is the best example of hold ground?

EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR HOLD GROUND The order was to hold ground between the second and third positions or to die in the effort, and it was carried out. WORD OF THE DAY ambagesnoun| [am-bey-jeez]SEE DEFINITION “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time Words That Every Taurus Should Know Is The Coronavirus A Plague?

Which is the best definition of the word GRND?

4. often grounds The land surrounding or forming part of a house or another building: a guesthouse on the grounds of the mansion. 5. An area or a position that is contested in or as if in battle: The soldiers held their ground against the enemy. Character witnesses helped the defendant stand her ground in the trial. 6.