Users' questions

What does Infor ION stand for?

What does Infor ION stand for?

Intelligent Open Network
Infor ION is a powerful middleware to simplify software integration.

How does Infor ION work?

Automate notifications and alerts Automatically alert users with key issues. Infor ION allows you to proactively monitor and manage your workflow status and document traffic, identify workflow exceptions, monitor key performance indicators, and gain visibility into your overall business network efficiency.

What is ION software?

About ION. FlowVision’s ION software is a cloud-based inventory optimization software solution. It empowers supply chain executives and planners to dynamically reduce overstocked items while increasing overall service levels. The solution can be integrated with any ERP or MRP.

What is Infor technology?

Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company, headquartered in New York City, United States. Infor focuses on business applications for organizations delivered via cloud computing as a service. Infor deploys its cloud applications through Amazon Web Services and various open source software platforms.

What is the Infor ION technology connectors brochure?

Infor® ION, Infor’s advanced middleware platform, allows you to easily integrate enterprise systems—both Infor and third party—and eliminate information silos. Read this brochure to learn more about the suite of pre-packaged technology connectors that drive and support the most popular business software solutions on the market today.

Why do you need Infor ION middleware software?

This powerful technology provides a simple, scalable middleware framework that helps you achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency. Put information at the fingertips of those who need it most with Infor ION.

What does Infor ION do for your business?

Information is accessible in real-time, and system maintenance is less costly and complex. Infor ION makes it easier than ever to integrate both Infor and third-party software applications, while streamlining your business process flows to improve performance.

Which is the best middleware for Infor intelligent open network?

Intelligent Open Network (ION) Infor ION is a powerful middleware to simplify software integration. Easily integrate Infor and third-party enterprise systems, while eliminating information silos with Infor Intelligent Open Network, Infor’s advanced middleware cloud platform.