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What does black mucus mean?

What does black mucus mean?

What causes black phlegm and snot? If you ever cough up black phlegm, see a doctor as soon as possible. The discoloration may be temporary, caused by exposure to smoke or dirt in the air, or it could be due to a respiratory infection. Black phlegm could also be caused by a more serious condition, such as lung cancer.

Why is my sinus drainage black?

Black mucus can materialize after inhaling dirt or dust; or after smoking cigarettes or marijuana. But it can also signal a serious fungal infection, especially if you have a compromised immune system. If your mucus is black for no obvious reason, you should see a doctor.

Can a sinus infection cause brown mucus?

Nasal congestion and a thick, dark-colored nasal discharge are also common during a sinus infection. When the mucus drips into your throat from the back of your nose, you’ll notice a foul taste, and you may get bad breath or a cough.

Can a sinus infection cause mucus in the nose?

Even when a few creep into the sinuses, they don’t cause trouble, as long as they keep draining into the nose along with mucus. But if sinus drainage is blocked, glands in the sinuses continue to produce mucus, and the resulting pool of backed-up mucus provides what Dr.

Is it normal to have black mucus in your nose?

What’s most important to understand about black mucus in nose areas is that it is not normal. There is something that is causing the change in hue in the protective goo. When accompanied by symptoms such as a fever or chills, medical attention should be sought immediately if mucus that is particularly black comes on suddenly.

What causes a sinus infection to block mucus drainage?

Infections in your respiratory tract — most commonly colds — can inflame and thicken your sinus membranes and block mucus drainage. These infections can be viral, bacterial or fungal. Allergies such as hay fever. Inflammation that occurs with allergies can block your sinuses. You’re at increased risk of getting chronic sinusitis if you have:

Why does my sinus have black stuff in it?

Surgery ten days ago would produce ‘black’ things because there would still be old blood there. Old blood is black and this will go away soon. I would not be concerned as it is coming from the sinus. Next time, when you cough them up, spit them into a readied, clean container and take it to your doctor or clinic.