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What does a dispersal order mean?

What does a dispersal order mean?

Dispersal orders provide the police with the extra powers to break up groups of two or more people, where they believe their behaviour is causing a nuisance, harassment or distress. Dispersal orders were introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

What is a police dispersal zone?

A dispersal zone allows police to direct a person committing or likely to commit anti- social behaviour to leave an area for 48 hours. Legislation. The new dispersal zone powers fall under Section 34 of the Anti-social behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

What is a 48 hour dispersal order?

The dispersal order gives our officers the power to order a person to leave the area for a 48 hour period with no return. Refusal to comply with the order is a criminal offence.

What is a Section 59 Offence?

Section 59 (1) of the Police Reform Act 2002 establishes that where a police constable in uniform has reasonable grounds for believing that a motor vehicle is being used on any occasion in a manner which contravenes section 3 or section 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (careless and inconsiderate driving and prohibition …

What do you need to know about a dispersal order?

What is a dispersal order? In a nutshell, a dispersal order simply allows a constable or a PCSO to request under law one or more people to leave an area if a clear dispersal zone is in place.

Which is the best dictionary definition of dispersal?

Definition of dispersal. : the act or result of dispersing especially : the process or result of the spreading of organisms from one place to another. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about dispersal.

Is there a dispersal order in Minnesota 2019?

— Benjamin Oreskes, Los Angeles Times, 19 May 2021 In a press release after Saturday’s meeting, the Minnesota State Patrol acknowledged that, in accordance with a federal judge’s order, a dispersal order does not apply to members of the media covering the protest.

Which is the act or result of dispersing?

: the act or result of dispersing specifically : the process or result of the spreading of organisms from one place to another.