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What do the weapon stats mean in bf4?

What do the weapon stats mean in bf4?

This refers to how far the weapon maintains its damage. Higher values mean higher damage at long range. As a general rule, the higher the damage of a weapon, the better rating it gets for range.

How do you check your stats on Battlefield 4?

Re: Battlefield 4 stats Hi @Hughes-r-27! You should be able to see stats for Battlefield 4 in the “career” menu.

How does recoil work in Battlefield 4?

All infantry weapons have recoil. Recoil will push cross hairs upwards as they grow larger, decreasing accuracy, with continuous fire (this is caused by spread increase per shot). Burst firing will reduce recoil, but cross hairs take a moment to stabilize back to their initial size.

How does rate of fire work in Battlefield 4?

The rate of fire is the amount of round per minute the weapon can fire. If the weapon is semi automatic, bolt action, or pump action, there won’t be any number in the rate of fire column. All players must wear “Phantom” items. then 4 players should proceed to the elevator to gain access into the Phantom Room on Hangar 21 map.

Which is the best assault rifle in Battlefield 4?

Assault Rifles Weapon Unlock Method AK-12 Default SCAR-H 4,000 Assault Rifle Score M416 11,000 Assault Rifle Score SAR-21 19,000 Assault Rifle Score

What does a headshot do in Battlefield 4?

Headshots will double the damage. Accuracy and Mobility are percentages based on Battlelog’s information. Range is the maximum distance the weapon can reach before flat-lining to minimum damage. The rate of fire is the amount of round per minute the weapon can fire.

What are the different classes in Battlefield 4?

Like past games in the series, Battlefield 4 will feature four Classes in the online Multiplayer. Each Class will play its own role in the team based combat, and select weapons and gadgets can be chosen to build each Kit. Assault: The Assault Class is the Medic of the team.