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What country has the most jailed journalists?

What country has the most jailed journalists?

In a year that witnessed a crackdown on civil liberties in Hong Kong, China has detained more journalists in 2020 than any other country, extending a role it assumed last year, two leading media rights groups say in studies published this week.

How many journalists are in jail in Turkey?

With more than 120 journalists and other media workers imprisoned, and thousands more unemployed following the closure of 156 media outlets, independent journalism in Turkey is at the edge of the precipice.

How many journalists killed 2020?

Being a journalist is a dangerous profession in many parts of the world. The International Federation of Journalists has released a new report that says 65 people who worked in the media were killed worldwide in 2020 — 17 more people killed than in 2019.

Can a reporter be sent to jail for refusing a judge’s order to reveal the identity of his or her news source?

When do you need to reveal your sources? If you don’t reveal, after being subpoenaed to do so, the name of a confidential source to a grand jury investigating a potential criminal law violation, then you can be held in contempt of court, ordered to go to jail and forced to pay and often steep monetary fine.

Who was the New York Times reporter that went to jail?

Ms. Miller, who conducted interviews but never wrote an article about the C.I.A. operative, joins a line of journalists who have accepted jail time rather than betray their sources’ confidences. That tradition, according to Judge Hogan, does not deserve respect.

Are there any news anchors that went to jail?

But occasionally, TV news anchors find themselves on the wrong side of the story. In some cases, they’ve even been outed as hiding some seriously dark — and quite illegal — skeletons in their own closets, which also landed them on the wrong side of the law. Let’s take a look at some former reporters who went to jail. Don Tollefson

Who are the journalists jailed in South Carolina?

She was released when the grand jury finished its term. 1991, Sid Gaulden, Schuyler Kropf, Cindi Scoppe, and Andrew Shain, Columbia, South Carolina — Four journalists were jailed for eight hours and then released pending appeal, which they lost, but the trial was already over.

What kind of prison do journalists go to?

Concerns. Journalists are often imprisoned in F-tipi cezaevi (F-type high security prisons), where they have to serve their time with the most dangerous criminals. It is also not uncommon to punish journalists with solitary confinement for extended time periods.