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What Colour is OPI Funny Bunny?

What Colour is OPI Funny Bunny?

soft white
A soft white nail polish that’s irresistibly sweet.

Is OPI Funny Bunny white or pink?

OPI “Funny Bunny” is a sheer white polish.

What is the most popular color to paint your toenails?

When in doubt, black is always the answer. Yep, even on your toes! It’s unexpected and the superior color choice if you’re looking to hide sand or any other inevitable damage your pedicure might accrue once you’re outside more.

Does OPI Funny Bunny have gel?

Let’s Get Nude! I got my nails done this color by my favorite nail tech. This color does come in the regular polish formula as well but I only use gels. This shade is a must try!

How many coats of OPI Funny Bunny nail polish?

Funny Bunny is a lovely soft white that flatters any skin tone. The only downside is that the formula is somewhat sheer and I had to apply 3 coats to get the best coverage. The polish chipped a bit sooner than other OPI polishes that I only have to apply 2 coats of color (base and top coats for a total of 4 layers of lacquer).

What’s the best way to apply OPI nail polish?

Step 1. Start by applying OPI Base Coat to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back. Step 2. For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail. Step 3. Then apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails. Step 4.

Which is the best colour for OPI Funny Bunny?

Nice non-yellow, slightly cream white. It’s very sheer – don’t think it’s really destined for an opaque look. One coat – and its a lovely shine, a light sheer white. 2 coats and there’s now some streakiness. 3 coats and the streaks even out and now it’s definitely white and not quite opaque. To me it look best after 1 coat, like YNBB.

What kind of nail lacquer does OPI use?

OPI Matte Top Coat takes nails to a new dimension. It dries to a protective, high-fashion matte finish, and creates an edgy look over any OPI shade. Express yourself through color with OPI Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine.