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What are some last names that start with S?

What are some last names that start with S?

Most common surnames starting with S

Surname Rank*
Smith 1
Scott 2
Stewart 3
Sullivan 4

What are names that start with an S?


  • Sophia.
  • Scarlett.
  • Samuel.
  • Sienna.
  • Summer.
  • Sofia.
  • Sebastian.
  • What is the 2nd most common surname?

    Jones. The most common of the Welsh surnames and the second most common in the UK (422,023 people have it), Jones appears to have multiple origins; the first as a patronymic name meaning ‘son of John; the second as an English and Welsh variant of the Middle English personal name Jon.

    What is the most common surname in Bangladesh?


    Rank Name Romanization
    1 আক্তার Akter
    2 ইসলাম Islam
    3 খাতুন Khatun
    4 হোসেন Hossain

    Which is the most common last name that starts with the letter S?

    Most common surnames starting with S According to the 1940 census, Smith was the most common last name beginning with the letter ‘S’, followed by Scott and Stewart. Click on the names below to learn more about their meaning, history and origins. * Based on population in the 1940 U.S. Census

    What was District 2 in World War 2?

    Publicly, District 2 is presented solely as the home of the nation’s stone quarries and masonry workers, but it is also where many Peacekeepers are recruited, trained, and where weapons are manufactured for their use.

    What are the names of District 2 in The Hunger Games?

    The close relationship between the Capitol and District 2 is shown by the fact that people from both locations tend to have names derived from ancient Rome: ‘Cato’, ‘Brutus’, ‘Sejanus’ (District 2), ‘ Coriolanus ‘, ‘ Seneca ‘ (Capitol).

    Who was the last survivor of District 2?

    Enobaria – Female tribute in the 75th Hunger Games and victor of the 62nd Hunger Games. Survived the Games and, following the Second Rebellion and overthrow of President Snow, she was the last surviving victor from District 2. Lyme – Victor of a previous and unknown Hunger Games. Killed during The Battle of District 2 .