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What are German birthday traditions?

What are German birthday traditions?

In Germany, you always celebrate your birthday on the actual day you were born and not a minute earlier. You celebrate “into” a person’s birthday at midnight (known as “reinfeier”) – even mid-week. Saying “happy birthday” to a German before the actual date can lead to angry stares and insults.

What birthdays are considered important in Germany?

16th Birthday: This birthday child should run for cover as his or her friends will undoubtedly pour flour on top of his or her head. Common in northern Germany. 18th Birthday: Cracking eggs over the head of someone turning 18. 25th Birthday: Once again, if you are an unmarried man, the whole town will know!

What do Germans eat birthday?

A special torte, a multi-layered cake fruit or jam, replaces birthday cakes, but still dons candles for a special wish. Young or old, birthdays in Germany is what Davis calls “Gemuetlichkeit” meaning “cozy.” “Birthdays are very family oriented.

What are the birthday traditions in northern Germany?

Another very odd, and sort of mean birthday tradition in northern Germany is having to perform a chore on your 30th birthday – if you are still single, that is. If you are a single female and are turning 30, your northern German friends might expect you to clean a few door handles or door knobs (with a toothbrush, of all things!).

What does it mean to have birthday party in Germany?

Kinder means child and feste means festival, or party. Historians attribute Germans with the first birthday parties for kids. A member of the birthday person’s family wakes up at sunrise and lights the candles on the birthday cake. There are as many candles as the years of age of the birthday person plus one for good luck.

How is the 50th birthday celebrated in Germany?

50th Birthday: in some regions of Germany for men ‘Der Abrahamstag’, the 50th birthday, is special and loosely based on words from John 8:57 in the Bible. The German interpretation is…When a man turns fifty, he sees Abraham, and “at that age he must have the same wisdom of life and dignity as Abraham”.

What do people in Germany do for their 25th birthday?

25th Birthday: Once again, if you are an unmarried man, the whole town will know! A Sockenkranz, a type of garland of socks is strung outside the home and around the birthday boy’s property leading to his party. As he follows the garland of socks, he’ll down an alcoholic drink every few meters.