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What appointment means?

What appointment means?

1 : an arrangement for a meeting : engagement She has an appointment for an interview tomorrow. 2 : equipment, furnishings —usually plural expensive homes with luxurious appointments. 3 : a nonelective office or position holds an academic appointment.

What is meaning of make an appointment?

to make an appointment: to arrange, to organize a meeting, a date. idiom. I made an appointment for next Friday, but I now need to re-arrange it.

What is an example of appointment?

The definition of appointment means the act of choosing a person for a position or the process of giving the person that position. An example of appointment is the President assigning an individual to the position of the Commissioner of the FDA. Appointment is defined as a meeting set at a specific time.

What does Apoints mean?

1 : to choose for some duty, job, or office The school board appointed three new teachers. 2 : to decide on usually from a position of authority The teacher appointed a time for our meeting. appoint. transitive verb.

How do you spell appointment?

The word above “Appointment” is the correct spelling for the word. It is very easy to misspell a word like Appointment, therefore you can use TellSpell as a spell checker.

What do appointments mean?

Definition of appointment. 1. : an arrangement for a meeting : engagement. She has an appointment for an interview tomorrow.

Is appointment a noun?

appointment, fitting(noun) (usually plural) furnishings and equipment (especially for a ship or hotel) appointee, appointment(noun) a person who is appointed to a job or position. appointment(noun) the job to which you are (or hope to be) appointed.

What is the noun for appointment?

Nouns for appoint include appointee, appointees, appointer, appointers, appointment, appointments, appointor and appointors. Find more words at!