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Is the Kent farm from Smallville for sale?

Is the Kent farm from Smallville for sale?

The Canadian farm that is used for location shots for Smallville’s version of the Kent farm is currently for sale at a price tag of $2,780,000! A LANGLEY LANDMARK! 40 VIEW ACRES OF CLASSIC COUNTRY ON 8TH AVE CAMPBELL VALLEY TRAIL!

Is the Smallville farm real?

The Kent Farm is actually 843 248th Street, Langley, BC, Canada (corner of 8th Ave and 248th Street), coordinates N 49.01622°, W 122.53702°. Note the farm has two entrances; the “television entrance” is a small gravel road on 8th Ave.

Is the Kent Farm in Superman and Lois the same as Smallville?

‘Superman & Lois’ shares a shooting location with ‘Smallville. ‘ Superman & Lois shares some shooting locations with the 2001 action-fiction series, Smallville. Not only were some scenes filmed in Cloverdale Fairgrounds, Cloverdale, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada but, reportedly, some even feature the same set.

Why did Jonathan Kent leave Smallville?

What Jonathan’s death did for Clark was that it forced him to take responsibility for his actions. Clark’s decision to give up his powers and his haste to save Lana were both contributing factors that led to Jonathan’s untimely end.

Is the Kent farm the same as Smallville?

Superman & Lois: A New Location For The Kent Farm? Even though the first DC FanDome teaser for Superman & Lois and past crossovers had the Kent farm house as being the same as the one used in Smallville, things may be a little different when the new Superman & Lois TV series comes along.

Where is Lois and Clark’s farm in Smallville?

In the end, Lois and Clark kept the farm. The Kent Farm is located on Hickory Lane in Smallville, Kansas 66605. It is the oldest farm in Lowell County. It is adjacent to the Smallville cemetery. The home phone number is 555-0145. The Kent farm includes the following locations: Storm cellar – destroyed when Clark’s ship exploded in May 2003.

Who are the actors in the TV show Smallville?

1 Tom Welling. 2 Allison Mack. 3 Kristin Kreuk. 4 Michael Rosenbaum. 5 John Glover. 6 Erica Durance. 7 Annette O’Toole. 8 John Schneider.

Who are the owners of the Kent farm?

For generations, the farm was owned by the Kent family with Clark Kent, Martha Kent, and Jonathan Kent (before his death) being the last until Martha left in 2007, Jonathan died in early 2006, and Clark left for Metropolis in 2011. Thanks! Be the first to add a review to the Kent Farm.