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IS THE Fury 325 the fastest roller coaster?

IS THE Fury 325 the fastest roller coaster?

Feel The Sting on the tallest, fastest, longest giga coaster in North America – Fury 325! Riders begin their adventure on one of three 32-passenger, open-air trains to the peak height of 325 feet – following a dramatic 81-degree drop.

IS THE Fury 325 Safe?

FORT MILL, SC (WCNC) — Fury 325 has no safety issues, according to an inspector with the North Carolina Department of Labor. Their visit to Carowinds comes after Fury 325 experienced several unexpected stops since its March opening.

IS THE Fury 325 Scary?

According to the Huffington Post, Fury 325 is frightening in a variety of ways. Its highest point is 325 feet tall, roughly 20 feet taller than the statue of liberty. Of course, the Fury 325 isn’t about breaking a single record. It’s about combining elements of speed, height, and motion to provide intense thrills.

How tall is the Fury 325 roller coaster?

Like an angry hornet chasing its target, Fury 325 will race through a series of hills, curves and quick transitions while reaching speeds of up to 95 miles per hour. Riders will speed along 6,602 feet of track during the nearly three and one half minute ride.

Where is the Fury roller coaster in Charlotte NC?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fury 325 is a steel roller coaster located at Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fury 325 opened to the public on March 28, 2015.

When did the blueprints for Fury 325 come out?

In July, the blueprints for Fury 325 were leaked showing the exact layout of the roller coaster. At the beginning of August, the park sent a beekeeper to deliver a partially burnt bug net with a card saying, “you’re gonna need a much bigger net to capture the thrills of the 2015 Carowinds season”, to several media outlets in the Charlotte area.

How did the Fury roller coaster get its name?

The roller coaster is themed after a hornet: riders chase their target at high speeds, similar to a hornet. The inspiration came from the American Revolution when Charlotte was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion”.