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Is RedMax better than Stihl?

Is RedMax better than Stihl?

The RedMax EBZ8500 with an MPH of 206 slightly exceeds the 197 MPH of the Stihl BR 700. Thus, in comparison, the former expels air at a slightly higher speed, and should do a better job at blowing leaves on grass or lifting wet leaves and debris (acorns, etc.).

How much does a string trimmer cost?

Cost: Unlike with outdoor equipment such as chainsaws and lawn mowers, with a string trimmer, going cordless doesn’t result in a price premium. The best straight-shaft gas trimmers are mostly in the $175 to $250 range, which is about where the solid 40-volt-plus cordless trimmers land.

What is the most powerful string trimmer?

The Husqvarna 128LD trimmer combines power and convenience. This weed eater’s 28 cc, 2-cycle engine is among the most powerful on this list, so it’s great for tough yards with thick grass and lots of weeds. The 128LD is also lightweight compared to many of our other picks, making it easier to carry for longer.

Who owns RedMax power equipment?

Currently owned by Husqvarna, RedMax has been a major contender in the power equipment business for decades, and is known to be one of the very first manufacturers of outdoor power equipment to produce environmentally friendly equipment beginning over 20 years ago.

Who makes RedMax chainsaw?

In 2006 Redmax was acquired by Husqvarna. Husqvarna wanted Redmax’s stratified charge technology to meet the then-upcoming EPA regs. Some of the new Poulan designs are probably Redmax’s. Husqvarna’s X-Torq saws use the Redmax technology, and their new T435 top-handle saw looks like it was built in a Redmax factory.

Who makes Red Max mowers?

RedMax is a brand of Husqvarna selling a full line of outdoor power tools including lawn tractors and mowers. RedMax was founded in 1987 as the trade name for Komatsu ‘s outdoor power group. Husqvarna acquired RedMax in 2007 and began offering RedMax lawn tractors in 2018.

Who makes RedMax blowers?

RedMax Blowers. As a Japanese company that has been around since 1910, they have had multiple names: Komatsu, Fuji Motors, Zenoah and others and are now owned by Husqvarna from Sweden. They began with aircraft engines and they still have the ability to move a ton of air.