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Is ifs better than solid axle?

Is ifs better than solid axle?

IFS is simply more civilized than a solid-axle suspension. Because the left and right wheels are not directly connected via a solid beam, there will be less head toss in the cab over rough terrain. You’ll even see more ground clearance on an IFS 4×4 than on a comparable solid-axle 4×4.

Can you convert IFS to solid axle?

Now, a solid axle swap is not exactly an easy feat. But for those with the right skill set or will to learn, it’s definitely doable. Despite the old Toyota IFS being a great system, it lacks wheel travel and articulation.

Is independent front suspension better than solid axle?

“Solid axles are also more durable than most independent front suspension (IFS) axles and can be easily changed in comparison, making axle repairs on off-road trucks no problem.”

What do you call a solid axle swap?

This is called a Solid Axle Swap (SAS). Some of the advantages of doing a SAS are better flex, strengh, and reliability, which means fewer broken parts with larger tires, and it is easier to get larger lifts.

Are there aftermarket IFS parts for a GMC?

With there being no shortage of Duramax mills cranking out four-digit horsepower these days, it’s no wonder so many aftermarket IFS parts exist for late-model Chevy and GMCs. Whether it’s suspension, axle or steering related—or a combination of all three—if your IFS has a problem, you can rest assured that there’s a fix for it.

Which is the third mistake in axle swapping?

The third mistake is buying the wrong axle, many folks end up with bad axles because they did not research what axle makes for a good donor and get stuck with a junk axle. Buying the used, solid axle is one of the cheapest and easiest parts of a solid axle swap.

What makes a GM IFS diesel bulletproof?

They eliminate the split passenger-side axle shaft (the side that breaks), and are made from high-strength, HyTuf material (a low alloy steel used regularly in the aviation industry).