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Is Freemake Video Downloader a virus?

Is Freemake Video Downloader a virus?

Well, according to wikipedia, Freemake video converter’s installer totes potential malware since version 4.0. If you get significant files, personal data stored on your desktop, you’d better not take this risk of installing freemake with potential malware/virus on your computer.

Is Freemake Video Downloader safe?

Yes, it is safe I have used it in the past, it does contain some advertising, but other than that it is safe. My opinion, if you want a great free and very fast video converter try the new version 4 of Format Factory available HERE . . .

Is Freemake com legal?

The software itself isn’t illegal but it does enable you to do illegal things. Using tools like that to download vidoes violate YouTube’s rules: “You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.

How do I remove Freemake Video Downloader?

1. Click on the Customize icon (wrench or 3 bar icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions. 2. Search for the Freemake Video Downloader extension and remove it by clicking the trashcan icon next to them.

What does Freemake Video Downloader do for You?

Freemake Video Downloader is an application, which allows you to download video clips from the popular media websites. The official webpage presents itself like this: “Freemake YouTube Downloader is a free software to download online videos to PC free and fast.

How to report issues with Freemake Video Converter?

Make sure you click “Download” button at Some software download sites might wrap Freemake installer with own toolbars and you might get Norton alerts after it. If you have any issues with Norton and Freemake Video Converter, the best way to report antivirus alert is to submit request at

Why is Freemake Video Converter blocked by Norton?

Freemake Video Converter is one of the most used free video converters on the net. I know it had some issues with loading OpenCandy in with its software and this was the possible cause of Norton blocking its installation in the past; that seemed to be fixed.

Is there such a thing as a free video downloader?

Freemake Video Downloader is promoted as a free online video downloader that can be used to download videos from a variety of websites including YouTube. Freemake Video Downloader is often referred to as the Freemake YouTube Video Downloader, or even the Freemake virus, though the application is not technically a virus.