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How much is a Albino axolotl?

How much is a Albino axolotl?

How Much Does an Albino Axolotl Cost? You can expect to pay between $25 and $50 for your Albino Axolotl, depending on your location and the breeder you choose.

Are albino axolotls rare?

1. Leucistic. Leucistic axolotls are a translucent white with shiny gold flecks, red or pink gills, and dark brown or black eyes. They are very rare in the wild because they are easily spotted by predators, but are one of the most common and beautiful morphs in captivity.

Can you legally own an axolotl?

Is It Legal to Own a Pet Axolotl? Axolotls are illegal to own in some states, including California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia. In New Mexico, they are legal to own but illegal to import from other states. Thus, they should never be taken from the wild for the pet trade.

How much is a axolotl salamander?

An axolotl costs between $30 – $75 for a basic but healthy one. If you’re looking for something more exotic like a piebald axolotl variation, it will cost about $100. Some rare specimens can cost a few hundred, but these are generally extremely unique variations that only serious collectors tend to purchase.

Can Axolotls live with fish?

Axolotls certainly can live with fishes or other freshwater creatures. BUT either one will suffer or die eventually. So it is definitely in your pet axolotl’s best interest to be kept isolated from the other sea creatures or fishes.

Is an axolotl a lizard?

The axolotl is a salamander – a type of amphibian with a lizard-like body, a long tail and smooth, moist skin. The axolotl has short legs and widely-spaced eyes.

Are axolotls real?

Axolotls are real life gremlins. Axolotls are amphibians often kept by aquarists because they remain in their adorable juvenile form for their entire natural lives unless they come in contact with secret elixirs that can change them into little monsters.

Where is the axolotl from?

The Axolotl originated from both Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco, in the Valley of Mexico. Sadly, Lake Chalco has been drained, in an effort to prevent flooding, and for expansion. The only remains of Lake Xochimilco are canals. Due to this, axolotls are now extremely endangered in the wild.