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How much do rail traffic controllers make?

How much do rail traffic controllers make?

What is the pay? In 2020, the average Train Controller salary is $122,000 and senior Network Controllers can earn an average of $180,000. There are many career pathways available for Train Controllers.

What do rail traffic controllers do?

Communicate, interpret and relay signals affecting train movements. Coordinate the meeting of trains to optimize railway performance. Ensure the cost-effective movement of trains and other on-track equipment to optimize physical and human resources. Enter data into various information and control systems.

How do I become a train controller?

You can become a train and network controller without formal qualifications, but employers usually require Year 10. Once you are employed, you will receive intensive formal training, both on and off the job. On completion of this training, you may receive a nationally recognised qualification.

How do I become a traffic controller in Canada?

To work with NAV CANADA, an air traffic controller must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Have completed grade 12 or the equivalent.
  4. Pass an exam and interview.
  5. Qualify for security clearance.
  6. Pass a civil aviation medical exam.
  7. Have good hearing and vision, including colour perception.

Where is the rail traffic control center in Canada?

Rail Traffic Control Canada RailTerm’s first RTC service operation began in 1999. Today, RailTerm provides safe and efficient dispatching services to more than 25 railways across Canada covering over 3,400 miles of track. We issue more than 100,000 track authorities per year in the process from our primary dispatch center in Dorval, Qc.

How to become a rail traffic controller in Canada?

Once you’re hired as a Rail Traffic Controller, you will need to complete a company training program and become qualified in the Canadian Rail Operating Rules and other regulations. Crew Dispatchers assign shifts to Locomotive Engineers, Conductors and other unionized positions. Interpret and apply rules from running trades collective agreements

Which is the best rail traffic control software?

RailTerm is a leader in the development and implementation of advanced computer-based dispatch systems (CROR, GCOR or other). RailTerm’s TrainMaster software is in service on railways across the globe, both CTC and dark territory. Learn more about RailTerm’s rail traffic control software.

Who are third party rail traffic control services?

RailTerm provides third-party rail traffic control services for more than 60 clients in the United States and Canada including freight, intercity, commuter and transit operators. Our services are focused on maintaining safe operations, traffic priorities and on-time performance.