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How much caffeine is in masala tea?

How much caffeine is in masala tea?

A regular cup of Prana Chai can have anywhere between 20 and 100mg of caffeine, depending on how you prepare the brew. If you reduce the steeping time, you can decrease the caffeine content by 80%. “Chai lattes” made with powders or concentrates may have less caffeine in them than those made with the spice blend.

What tea causes miscarriage in early pregnancy?

Avoid licorice, cohosh, ginseng, and dong quai “Avoid black and blue cohosh. These can lead to preterm birth and miscarriage,” Manglani siad. “Avoid Dong Quai tea, as this tea can cause uterine contraction which can lead to miscarriage or preterm birth.

Is it safe to drink herbal tea during pregnancy?

Herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated, but may still contain up to half a milligram of caffeine. No conclusive studies have been conducted on the effects of caffeine on pregnancy (source). However, there does seem to be evidence that it may be linked to miscarriage, preterm labor, and some birth defects.

Is it safe to drink chai tea during pregnancy?

Chai tea contains caffeine, but 1-2 cups per week is okay. You can purchase dandelion chai at organic shops and healthy cafes, which is caffeine free and great for your liver. Chamomile tea during pregnancy is fine as long as there is no history of hayfever.

Is it safe to drink raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy?

Raspberry leaf tea was traditionally used in late pregnancy to prepare for birth and breastfeeding. Raspberry leaf is also a galactogogue, so it supports breast milk production. According to Nicole, this herb is also high in calcium, magnesium and iron. Raspberry leaf tea is safe to drink from the second trimester onwards.

Is it safe to drink nettle leaf tea during pregnancy?

Nettle leaf tea is described by Nicole as being a brilliant nutritive tea to sip whilst pregnant, especially as you near the end of your pregnancy. It provides high levels of water-soluble iron, magnesium and calcium.