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How many social enterprises are in Europe?

How many social enterprises are in Europe?

The non-profit sector in Ireland, in its broadest sense, employs an estimated 100,000 people and has an income of over €6 billion. Within this, the social enterprise sector employs between 25,000 and 33,000 people in over 1,400 social enterprises, with a total income of around €1.4 billion.

What is a social enterprise approach?

Social enterprises are businesses created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way. Social enterprises can provide income generation opportunities that meet the basic needs of people who live in poverty. They are sustainable and earned income from sales is reinvested in their mission.

Who is a social enterprise owned by?

Working within this definition, the social enterprise sector distinguishes itself from both the private sector and the not-for-profit sector as (by definition) social enterprises aim to make profits while being owned by a range of stakeholders whose primary aim is not the distribution of profits to shareholders.

Is there an action plan for social enterprise in Europe?

At a time of growing disenchantment with the European Union, a report calling for a European Action Plan for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises ( download ) offers a vision of a community of nations that responds more effectively to the social and economic needs of its citizens and to the problems they face.

What is the purpose of a social enterprise?

What are social enterprises? A social enterprise is an operator in the social economy whose main objective is to have a social impact rather than make a profit for their owners or shareholders.

Who are members of European network of social integration enterprises?

On February 19th, ENSIE’s member in Latvia, the Social Entrepreneurship Association organised, in collaboration with the British Council an online conference “Why we need it?”, about the cooperation between local municipalities and social enterprises. You can find more information here!

How to support social entrepreneurs in the EU?

Increase the visibility of EU programmes to support social entrepreneurs and make it easier to obtain funding. Action 9 : Simplify the rules regarding legal recognition as a European Cooperative Society ; put forward a regulation creating a legal status for European foundations. Conduct a study on the situation of mutual societies.