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How many kph is 60 WPM?

How many kph is 60 WPM?

WPM (words per minute) can also be transformed into keystrokes per hour (kph) using these general guidelines: 40 wpm = 10,000 kph; 50 wpm = 12,500 kph; 60 wpm = 15,000 kph.

Is 60 WPM speed good?

60 wpm: This is the speed required for most high-end typing jobs. You can now be a professional typist! 70 wpm: You are way above average! 100 wpm or more: You are in the top 1% of typists!

How do you calculate kph to WPM?

How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM

  1. Measure your typing speed in KPH. You can do this with a typing program, an online typing test or by hand.
  2. Divide your KPH by 60. The result is your number of keystrokes per minute because 60 minutes are in one hour.
  3. Divide your keystrokes per minute by 5 to find your WPM.

Is 55 words per minute a good typing speed?

Most jobs do not explicitly require certain typing speeds, but that’s because basic typing skills are taken as a given. Thus you should aim for a typing speed of at least 40 WPM to keep up a standard level of efficiency at work. Word processors generally must be able to type from 55 to 90 words per minute.

What’s the difference between a kph and a wpm?

KPH is used for measuring speed of data entry. For the purposes of calculating WPM a word is considered to be a block of five characters which includes the space between words. This means that it is possible to convert WPM to KPH. This online calculator can be used to convert words per minute into keystrokes per hour (wpm to kph).

Is it 60 wpm with a 95% accuracy?

If you use typing merely to surf the web and send an occasional email, then 60 WPM with 95% accuracy will likely serve you just fine. The average typing speed for adults is around 50 WPM, so at the very least this is above average.

Is it good to have a 60 wpm typing speed?

Yes, a 60 WPM typing speed is excellent given that you have a good accuracy level too. Most people have an average speed of 45 WPM. There are many benefits that fast touch typing skills can bring.

How to calculate kph for data entry typing test?

You will need a couple of things. We’ll use the average number of keystrokes in a word, five. Typically, data entry typists take a ten-minute break per hour. So, we will use 50 minutes instead of 60 for our calculation. To calculate KPH, use the formula below. WPM * 5 * 50 = KPH