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How long is ferry ride from Dublin to Liverpool?

How long is ferry ride from Dublin to Liverpool?

7 hrs 30 min
How long does the ferry from Dublin to Liverpool take? The average journey time by ferry between Dublin to Liverpool is 7 hrs 30 min.

Can I travel as a foot passenger on Irish Ferries?

Validity. This fare is a special minicruise fare – your return journey must therefore be on the next scheduled departure after a maximum 30 hour stay after your arrival time. This fare applies to foot passengers. This fare is NOT eligible for payment with Tesco Tokens.

How long does it take on the ferry from Ireland to Liverpool?

approximately 8 hours
The Stena Line ferry from Belfast to Liverpool offers a direct link from Northern Ireland to the heart of England on the Stena Edda and the Stena Embla. The crossing time is approximately 8 hours with a choice of both day and night sailings.

Is there a ferry from Liverpool to Ireland?

The Liverpool to Dublin ferry connects England to Ireland and is operated by P&O Ferries. As well as comparing prices and times for Liverpool to Dublin, we will also show you results for Holyhead to Dublin to help you get from England to Ireland at the best time, for the best price.

Which is the busiest ferry port in Ireland?

One of the most photographed sights in Dublin is the Ha’penney Bridge which is an old iron footbridge that spans the River Liffey. This is considered to be one of Dublin’s most iconic landmarks. Dublin Port is the busiest passenger ferry port in Ireland, serving 1.5 million passengers per year to destinations in the UK and Europe.

Where is the ferry terminal in Liverpool located?

The port of Liverpool is one of the largest ports in the UK and is situated on the east side of the River Mersey. The ferry terminal at Liverpool port is well equipped with facilities for car and foot passengers.

Where is the capital of Ireland in relation to Liverpool?

The most common booking on the Dublin Liverpool route is a car and 2 passengers. The Irish city of Dublin is the capital of Ireland and lies in the province of Leinster on the east coast of Ireland, at the mouth of the River Liffey. Dating back to the Viking age, Dublin began to rapidly expand in the 17th century.