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How does EIGRP determine topology table?

How does EIGRP determine topology table?

To display the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) topology table, use the show ip eigrp topology command.

What are the different tables in EIGRP?

EIGRP tables

  • Neighbor table – stores information about EIGRP neighbors. Before exchanging routes, routers need to establish a neighbor relationship.
  • Topology table – stores routing information learned from neighbor routing tables.
  • Routing table – stores only the best routes to reach a remote network.

How does EIGRP determine best path?

By default EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay of the line to determine the best path to a remote network. However, if desired, EIGRP can use a composite of four metrics: bandwidth, delay, reliability, and load. 0.0/30 network are in the topology and routing table.

Which table contains information about all the possible routes to the network within the area?

topology table
A topology table – contains a list of all possible routes to all known networks within an area. A routing table – contains the best route for each known network.

Which is topology table holds the metrics for EIGRP?

The topology table also holds the metrics for each of the listed EIGRP routes, the feasible successor and the successors. Routing table – stores only the best routes to reach a remote network. We have a network of three routers, all running EIGRP. The routers have established neighbor relationships and the routes have been exchanged.

Which is the best route table in EIGRP?

EIGRP Routing Table is the table which keeps the Best Routes to any destinations. This Best Routes are Successors. You can see the EIGRP Routing Table with “ show ip route eigrp ” command. An example output of “ show ip route eigrp ” command is given below: These tables are filled with Update Messages. In EIGRP, updates are not periodic.

Where are the feasible successors stored in EIGRP?

The table also holds all locally connected subnets included in an EIGRP process. Best routes (the successors) from the topology table are stored in the routing table. Feasible successors are only stored in the topology table and can be used immediately if the primary route fails.

What are some of the features of EIGRP?

One of the more advanced features of EIGRP is Manual route summarization. It improves stability and reduces the routing table size. EIGRP routing protocol can be accessible with the CISCO network devices.